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Rug Radio Core Team Long Range Plan and Budget #2

The Core Team has prepared our Long Range Plan and budget for March 2023 - August 2023 .

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Farokh, Loxley and the team have been working arduously to continue building Rug Radio and we are reaching new heights as a media company. Our audience, reach, sponsorships, revenue, holder base and domain authority are bigger and stronger than ever. We are well on our way to sustainability and profitability! Its a massively bullish signal to the rest of the NFT and Web3 market. Real businesses can and do exist in our space.

In this proposal, we are looking for funding from the DAO of $1,250,000 to continue operations over the next 6 months. We do project a deficit during this period of approximately 15% of the treasury. After substantial analysis, we believe this is well within our risk tolerance and parameters for growth and would ask the community to vote in favor of this proposal to continue the growth of the business and ecosystem.

The voting period closes on March 23 at 9pm ET (1am UTC).


How do I vote?

Click "Let's Vote!" > Connect your wallet in the top right corner > Read through the proposal > Submit your vote > Sign the message presented by your wallet and you're all set!


I have $RDAO, but can't vote?

Snapshot works by taking a snapshot of $RDAO holders at a particular time.

In order to be eligible to vote for this proposal, you must have been holding $RDAO in your wallet before March 16 at 9:20pm EST (1:20am UTC).


How do I claim $RDAO tokens?

You can claim and exchange $RUG for $RDAO on the Syndicate claim site.