Meet Rug Radio's New Co-CEO

Meet Loxley, who has joined the Rug Radio team as our new co-CEO working alongside Farokh to lead business development and strategy.

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We are excited to announce that Loxley has joined the Rug Radio team as our new co-CEO.

Loxley has been a member of the Rug Radio community since mint and, as a previous member of the DAO council and a Strategic Advisor, has played an integral role in the development of the DAO and many of our programs at Rug Radio. He will join Farokh in his role as CEO to lead business & systems development and financial strategy for the Rug Radio ecosystem.

Previous to Rug Radio, Loxley has spent 13 years as a tech founder & operator. While pursuing an undergraduate degree in Finance, he funded his education through the success of his first startup -- An e-commerce outlet that he built to over $30 million in just a few short years. Building upon that venture, he led his team to develop one of the first micro-financing payment platforms for e-commerce, which he successfully exited in 2015.

After his experience in building & selling his business, he realized that he didn't want his experience to be one-off; his passion for creating led him to establish a family office where he has had the privilege of funding, acquiring, advising and managing nearly two dozen ventures in various industries including Fintech, D2C retail, 3PL / Fulfillment, SaaS, Real Estate, Cannabis and more. Amongst his firm's investment strategy and portfolio is an aggressive stake in crypto and NFTs.

After reading 'The Sovereign Individual' in 2013, cryptocurrency piqued his interest. He dabbled with early investments in BTC and ETH in '13-15, but didn't truly begin immersing himself until early '18 when he "unwittingly" got sucked into mining Ethereum with a close friend. Falling headfirst into the rabbit hole, he eventually landed in NFTs where he felt that for the first time, he had finally found his people.

Outside of Rug Radio, Loxley lives with his wife and 3 young boys in Austin TX and is an avid traveler and outdoorsman, a serial collector and small business mentor. He has a reputation of being a friend to all, never passing up an invitation to try something new and creating value for others any chance he gets.

With a deep knowledge of Rug Radio and RugDAO, and having built multiple early stage / high growth businesses, we are confident that Loxley possesses the qualifications, knowledge, experience and leadership to help Rug Radio achieve its goals and targets in 2023 and beyond.


A Word from Loxley

I am honored to announce that I have accepted a position as co-CEO of Rug Radio. I am full of gratitude to the team for bringing me into this position to usher in the next generation of media. I am truly passionate about democratizing knowledge & opportunity and I believe that this position at Rug Radio is the nexus of my passions & experience.

Having built financial tech platforms (as a founder and as investor/advisor), I am bringing 13 years of experience in building systems and developing sustainable revenue models for innovative tech. My experience from pre-rev to multiple successful exits taught me many valuable (& sometimes painful) lessons... I couldn't think of a better place to employ those lessons than here at RR.

I attribute the successes that I have had to the greatest of privileges - Freedom. In an effort to pay for college, I bootstrapped $1,500 into a business that would go on to feed my family and eventually, the families of over 130 employees and contractors. The universe provided me with an opportunity to exit that venture and subsequently launch a career of freedom and exploration. Throughout my career, as we have built businesses, pioneered industries and pushed the boundaries of society, I have continually strived to help others maximize their potential & achieve personal & financial freedom.

I have immersed myself in Rug Radio, because I believe we share core principles. In this role, I hope to help build a space in which people can be free to express themselves, strengthen their voice & platform, build their personal brands & ultimately, own their own narrative.

The opportunity to help steer this ship next to Farokh marks an important milestone in both my career and Rug Radio as an organization. We have a huge year ahead of us & I am confident that together, there is nothing our team can't accomplish.

- Loxley Fernandes
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Loxley, Rug Radio Co-CEO