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Rug Radio announces new VP of Operations

Meet Quinn Button, PhD who has joined the team as our VP of Operations to oversee and optimize day-to-day business operations.

Rug Radio Press Release - August 17

GEORGE TOWN, GRAND CAYMAN, AUGUST 17 — Rug Radio is excited to announce that Quinn Button, PhD has joined the team as our VP of Operations to oversee and optimize day-to-day business operations.

Previous to Rug Radio, Quinn was the VP of Growth for NFT.NYC and NFT Kred, working with leading enterprise brands like PwC, SAP, and Coach, guiding them into the web3 landscape. Her focus has been on developing Web3 tech stacks that allow for easy mainstream onboarding by improving the user experience and reducing friction. She brings extensive experience of growing companies to new heights with a small and nimble team by implementing efficient systems and processes.

Before delving into the crypto and web3 world, Quinn’s career kicked off with prominent roles at Pebble Beach, contributing to prestigious events like the US Open and the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance.

Quinn has a MS in Entrepreneurship and a Ph.D. in Human Sciences, focused on consumer behavior. Her research specifically investigates how the design of new and innovative products influences preference using eye-tracking technology.

Venturing into crypto in 2016, Quinn's passion for blockchain technology grew, and during her graduate studies, she researched how it could scale her and her husband's social venture, Life Out of the Box (LOOTB). LOOTB worked with artisans in Central America and Africa to create handmade products - for each item sold distributed school supplies to thousands of children globally and allowed the customer to actually see who they gave school supplies to.

After earning her doctorate, Quinn saw the long-term potential of smart contracts and NFTs, dedicating herself to the world of web3, investing, researching, and consulting. This would eventually lead to her role as VP of Growth at NFT.NYC and NFT.Kred.

In Q1 2023, Quinn embraced new horizons, collaborating with leading enterprise brands, blockchains, tech companies, events and marketers to build powerful, long-term campaign strategies with Web3, AI, and data analytics.

Outside of work, Quinn loves traveling the world with her husband and exploring new cultures. She is married to her best friend of over 12 years, Jonathon Button - they have worked together and started several companies since 2011. Originally from Carmel, California - she has lived in over 15 countries including Nicaragua, Guatemala, Morocco, and more.

A professional by day, Quinn is degen by night and loves collecting NFTs - especially digital art. Some of her favorite artists include XCOPY, Trevor Jones, Deekay, Refik Anadol, Josie Belini and many more. Her passion for collecting digital art stems from her childhood love for classic cars and art history. Athletics have been a major part of her life as well - she is a huge sports fan, particularly when it comes to American football (Go Pokes!), Formula1, and golf.

Quinn is most passionate about making a long term positive impact, especially when it comes to utilizing tech to empower and provide equal opportunities for entrepreneurs around the world. She gave a TEDx Talk in 2021 about how business can be used to give back in a sustainable manner, with her social venture Life Out of the Box as the proof of concept for how it could be done.

A word from Quinn

It’s an honor to be joining the leadership team at Rug Radio as Vice President of Operations. I am incredibly grateful to the team for entrusting me with this opportunity to lead and usher in the next era of media with Rug Radio at the forefront.

My greatest passion lies in equalizing global access to education, knowledge and financial opportunities for all and I have seen first hand how technology can transform businesses and the lives of creators for the better. I cannot think of a better place to invest my time and skills than with a company that’s focused on empowering the next generation of creators, artists, and thought leaders with valuable tech tools and a healthy ecosystem where ownership of their work is prioritized. I firmly believe that Rug Radio is the perfect platform where my passions and experience converge.

My operational and data science background in startups and corporate businesses as a founder, executive and advisor has allowed me to play a crucial role in ensuring the overall health and functionality of an organization, contributing directly to its growth and success.

From corporations to growth stage startups, the past 15 years of my professional career has given me the leadership skills and experience needed to oversee and optimize the day-to-day business operations of this company to ensure efficiency, productivity, and profitability for the long term.

I could not be more excited to lead the team alongside Loxley and Farokh. We share the same vision for Rug Radio’s future and the positive impact it will have to enable creators to grow, succeed financially and create a deeper and more meaningful relationship with their supporters.

Quinn Barton, PhD, Rug Radio VP of Operations

Quinn Button, PhD - Rug Radio VP of Operations.


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