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Rug Radio partners with Fair.xyz to launch Stubs

Rug Radio has partnered with Fair.xyz to innovate the way listeners are rewarded with NFTs.

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GEORGE TOWN, GRAND CAYMAN, FEBRUARY 20 — Rug Radio has teamed up with Fair.xyz to launch Stubs, a new "proof of listenership" rewards concept, starting in March on GM Web3. With this partnership, Rug Radio aims to continue to push the boundaries of rewarding active participants in our ecosystem in a unique new way by highlighting established and emerging artists.

Stubs is a technology which will reward listeners and celebrate artists, allowing active participants to collect work from some of their favorite artists just by tuning into the show.

Rug Radio has already been at the forefront of the "participate-to-earn" movement with our rewards platform where users are able to claim $RUG token for listening to our shows and completing bounties.

Now, the goal of rewarding active participants is being expanded in a new way which also spotlights artists!

The whole purpose of Rug Radio is to be able to reward participants for being part of our ecosystem and creators for creating content...as well as collecting incredible art from artists that are from the left, right, front and center of the NFT space.

Farokh Sarmad, Founder of Rug Radio


How it works

  1. During every GM Web3 show, we will release a limited supply of "Stubs Mint Passes" that can only be claimed by owning an NFT within the Rug Radio ecosystem or by owning a Degenz Access Pass.

  2. As an expansion of our "listen-to-earn" program, these Mint Passes can only be claimed by inputting a unique code (which will be given to listeners at a random point during the show).

  3. Every week, Rug Radio will partner with a world-renowned, emerging, or unknown NFT artist who will create a piece of art ("Stub") for the Rug Radio community.

  4. Stubs can only be claimed by burning a predefined number of "Stubs Mint Passes" within a 48 hour window over the weekend.

  5. Stubs which aren't burned will still be able to be burned to claim a "Stub" art drop in a future week.

Infographic showing how Stubs works

All of this innovation is being powered by NFT launch platform, Fair.xyz, which sees this as a fantastic use-case of Web3 utility that could be applied across industries as a tool to empower active participants. Many major media networks and global companies are starting to develop NFT strategies based on participation. This implementation of 'Stubs' is just one example of how anyone can use Fair.xyz's creation tools to build their own experiences and collections.

We are ecstatic to partner with the Rug Radio team to revolutionize how one incentivizes listenership. At Fair.xyz, we are excited to find new ways to give back to the community. It's a privilege for us to be working over the next year with some of the biggest artists in the space to bring Stubs to life.

Isaac Kamlish, Co-Founder of Fair.xyz


What's Next?

Technology like this shows a future where Web3 technology can power next-generation businesses and brands. Rug Radio is at the front-line of this movement and Stubs - along with the rewards platform - will continue to show how we can reward participants in new, exciting ways!

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If you're an artist who wants to collaborate to create a Stub, reach out to our Lead Curator KDeAngelis16.