Rug Radio Recap - May 7, 2023

Memecoin Season Returns, Blur Launches Blend, and Sports Illustrated Debuts NFT Ticketing Platform

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gm fam! It’s starting to feel like 2021 with the return of memecoin season and gas fees (transaction fees) hitting levels we haven’t seen in nearly a year. A little reminder to never put in money you can’t afford to lose, always verify the contract address and links, and, if you do hit a decent trade, take profits…Good luck and have fun out there!

Oh, and to all of the creators…we have something coming for you very soon👀 


Here's what we've got in this week's recap...

  • Rug Radio Updates

  • Memecoin Mania

  • Blur launches Blend

  • Sports Illustrated launches NFT ticketing platform

Graphic showing the holdings across Rug Radio treasury, team, and NFT wallets as of May 7.


Rug Radio Updates

Audio Galleries

Ben, the founder and host of Audio Galleries, hosted world-renowned British artist, Philip Colbert, who is known for his vibrant and engaging pop art style, to release his latest series Flowers Flowers Flowers exclusively through Audio Galleries.

If you’re interested in picking up a piece of the art, the mint is live until May 7 (today) at 12:30pm ET exclusively on OpenSea for .029 ETH per piece!


OSF at the HOFA

The House of Fine Art gallery in London is showcasing OSF's piece superfan in their latest exhibition 'Beyond the Screen,' alongside other prominent artists such as XCopy, Orkhan, and Cath Simard. During GM Web3 on Thursday, OSF also joined us live and took us through the gallery!

If you’re based in London area, and have time to stop by HOFA, the exhibition is running until May 26, and the piece is up for auction with a 20 ETH reserve.


Rug Radio Spotlight, Chana Kanzen

In this week's spotlight by Wendy, our very own Chana Kanzen shares her journey of working her way through school to become a teacher, and how she has continued to make an impact ever since.

As a founder of an educational non-profit, a leader in the tech business industry, and an advocate for women in web3, this trailblazing Londoner is making a real-life difference in the world.


Stores of the Week



Sotheby’s launched an on-chain marketplace for secondary NFT art sales

NBA star, Lebron James, was spotted wearing RTKFT x Nike sneakers and was presented with a custom made Clone X avatar.

The Third Circuit Court ordered the SEC to respond to Coinbase’s petition within 10 days.

CoinMarketCap is launching a TV series in form of the crypto version of the popular reality show, Shark Tank.

Crypto exchange debuted a ChatGPT-based user assistant.


Market Summary
Graphic showing the crypto prices and changes with Bitcoin at $28,886 (-1%), Ethereum at $1,899 (-0.5%), Solana at $21.95 (-5.5%), and Matic at $0.97 (-3%)


  • NFT volumes across nearly the entire ecosystem have continued to decline as attention shifts to trading memecoins and gas fees to soar.

  • It was a volatile for week crypto with Ethereum jumping between $1,800 to $2,000 before eventually settling around $1,900.

  • In the week ahead, expect continued volatility with Blur’s Blend product, memecoin szn, and more key US economic data including CPI and PPI on Wednesday and Thursday, respectively.


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