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  • Rug Radio Town Hall Notes - October 30th🎙️

Rug Radio Town Hall Notes - October 30th🎙️

In this edition of the Rug Radio Town Hall, we shared exciting updates, reflected on our 2-year journey, and discussed what’s ahead for the future of Rug Radio.

Gm fam! It’s been a while but we are SO BACK.

This week’s Town Hall was a big one as we shared exciting updates, reflected on our 2-year journey, and discussed what’s ahead for the future of Rug Radio.

This recap will get you caught up on key highlights of what we’ve been cooking over the past couple of months. 

You can watch the full video on YouTube here:


Here's what we've got in this edition of Town Hall...

  • 🤝 Announcements & Community Feedback

  • 📈 Adapting to Changes in the Market

  • 🚀 The Future of the Ecosystem  

  • 📆 Timeline through Q1



Farokh kicked us off by announcing the impressive strides Rug Radio has made in recent years and celebrated the tremendous work of our creators, both OGs and new. Our community has expanded to include creators who have created Rug Radio chapters such as Rug Radio Korea, Rug Radio France, Rug Radio Africa, Rug Radio Espanol, Rug Radio Asia Alliance, and beyond - a vision that seemed unimaginable just two years ago.


Lox took then took to the stage to discuss the importance of the team establishing proof of concept with tech, product-market fit with data, and creator management. For Rug Radio, this past year has been pivotal in solidifying its leadership position in the Web3 media space.


Our community is everything to us, so we addressed feedback from the fam, acknowledging areas for improvement, such as show scheduling and content accessibility. We shared a bit about how our Core Content App (in dev) will help address these concerns, as well as bring value to the $RUG token with utility. 


Lox discussed the changes in the market and the lessons we’ve learned along the way. The need for a well-defined organizational structure, defining success, and identifying community motivations were all emphasized. 

To do this, we have spent months working on structural changes that will allow Rug Radio to finally drive value to the $RUG token in a sustainable and compliant manner. This will include the following: 

  1. Separate 
    The business operation  of Rug Radio must separate from the Foundation (DAO & Token)

  2. Simplify 
    Consolidate the Governance and utility tokens (RDAO and RUG) into one token that grants both sets of privileges. RDAO will be converted back to the original 1800 $RUG. This eliminates the need for liquidity pools on two tokens and simplifies the ecosystem.

  3. Clarify 
    Remove all ambiguity and discussion around “investments”, including the yield or emissions of the token over time. To do this, we need to advance the emissions and distribute it.

  4. Deploy 
    Drive utility, transactional volume, liquidity, and value to the token after satisfying the following benchmarks:

    1. The contract has to be verifiable

    2. Content and management have to be separated from the foundation

    3. Professional directors for the token

    4. Advance the emissions of the Genesis NFTs

    5. Deploy on Layer 2 (L2) for scalability

  5. Rebrand 
    Encourage adoption and circulation of tokens outside of just the Rug Radio ecosystem by providing infrastructure for content creators and consumers to implement the token, ad network, and rewards program in content that isn’t constrained to just Rug Radio-branded content


Quinn shared insights into our vision for the future of Rug Radio. We aspire to provide our tokens and tech stack to a broader audience, beyond our ecosystem alone. To do this, we must simplify the ecosystem and ensure a seamless user experience with the integration of an L2.

The introduction of the Core Content App is especially exciting, as it will enable content creators and consumers to passively earn tokens for their interactions. This initiative aims to drive more intrinsic value and incentivize $RUG token transactions within the ecosystem.

Three key stakeholders: 

  1. Creators 
    Incentivized to get tokens by creating content and driving traffic to the platform.

  2. Content Consumers 
    The rewards program is designed to incentivize users to engage in content and to feel the reciprocity of that interaction. Claiming rewards and gaining access to physical, digital, and experiential goods will require tokens.

  3. Advertisers
    Those who want to participate in our content network will need to purchase and use a specific amount of tokens in conjunction with their cash infusion into the ecosystem. Their purchase and usage of these tokens will stimulate transaction volume.


We concluded the event by presenting a timeline of our upcoming plans, which include: 

  1. Make a formal proposal to satisfy the asks from our legal team to remain fully compliant.

  2. Initiating the new utility model within the ad platform. 

  3. Deploying the updated rewards program

  4. Debuting brand updates at our event in Miami Art Basel.

  5. Migration of the $RUG token and deployment of infrastructure on L2.

Our community engagement and commitment to innovation are core to what we strive to do each day. As we continue to evolve and adapt to the ever-changing Web3 landscape, our dedication to delivering valuable content, engaging their audience, and fostering a robust ecosystem will continue to be unwavering.

The future is bright for Rug Radio, our community, and our creators. Together, we build. LFG. 🚀 🤝

The next Town Hall will take place in late November where we’ll highlight further details on our tech stack, L2, Miami Art Basel Event, and MORE!