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RugDAO Council & Prop House Proposals are live!

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gm! The RugDAO Council and Prop House Proposals are now live. This is your opportunity to put your $RDAO to work and help get the RugDAO up and running. A quick summary of each proposal can be found below:


RugDAO Operational Council Proposal

  • The governance frameworks require the formation of a 7 member council to advance our mission of decentralizing media.

  • The council is responsible for enabling ideas from the community and providing oversight for the RugDAO.


Prop House Proposal

  • This proposal is to establish a trial Prop House for RugDAO in cooperation with Nouns DAO.

  • This will allow us to seamlessly deploy a platform to give builders, content creators and contributors to Rug Radio an opportunity to compete for funds.


Click the buttons above to be taken to the proposals and vote! If you have any questions, let us know in the Discord.

Voting closes at 6pm EST (10pm UTC) on November 6th.


How do I vote?

Click the buttons above > Connect your wallet in the top right corner > Read through the proposal > Submit your vote > Sign the message presented by your wallet and you're all set!


Can I delegate my vote to someone else?

Yes! You can delegate your votes at snapshot.org/#/delegate

Click the link above > connect your wallet in the top right corner > Enter the address you want to delegate your votes > Toggle the "Limit Delegation" option > enter rugcommunity.eth as the space > Click Confirm to save your delegation.


I have $RDAO, but can't vote?

Snapshot works by taking a snapshot of $RDAO holders at a particular time.

In order to be eligible to vote for these proposals, you must have been holding $RDAO in your wallet before 4:26pm EST (8:26pm UTC) on November 1st.


How do I claim $RDAO tokens?

You can claim and exchange $RUG for $RDAO on the Syndicate claim site.