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  • RugDAO Prop House Proposal is live!

RugDAO Prop House Proposal is live!

This proposal establishes a trial prop house to deploy capital to creators and builders over 2 funding rounds.

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gm! The RugDAO has posted a new proposal that would establish a trial prop house to easily deploy capital to creators and builders within the ecosystem over the course of two (2) funding rounds.


Funding Round 1

  • Total budget allocation: 1.5 - 2.5 ETH

  • Distribution: TBD; 10 ideas at .15 ETH to 10 ideas at .25 ETH

  • Project: Create a mini-marketing campaign for Rug Radio through 3D animations, video, cartoons, memes, and more!

Funding Round 2

  • Total budget allocation: 3 ETH

  • Distribution: TBD; top 3 - 5 proposals

  • Project: Open funding round to build on the Rug Radio ecosystem


Voting closes at 7pm EST on January 20 (12:00am UTC on January 21).


How do I vote?

Click "Let's Vote!" > Connect your wallet in the top right corner > Read through the proposal > Submit your vote > Sign the message presented by your wallet and you're all set!


I have $RDAO, but can't vote?

Snapshot works by taking a snapshot of $RDAO holders at a particular time.

In order to be eligible to vote for this proposal, you must have been holding $RDAO in your wallet before 12:44am EST (5:44am UTC) on January 13.


How do I claim $RDAO tokens?

You can claim and exchange $RUG for $RDAO on the Syndicate claim site.