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  • Rug Radio Town Hall Notes - April 17th🎙️

Rug Radio Town Hall Notes - April 17th🎙️

In this week's Town Hall, we present our tech roadmap and four new DAO proposals. Also, we open the raffle for tickets to our event in Austin during Consensus.

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gm fam! We’re back with Town Hall after an incredible week in NYC where Farokh spoke on a panel about DAOs, we hosted GM Web3 live from Proof of People, and ran into so many amazing people.

In less than 5 minutes, this recap will get you caught up on everything we've been up to in the past 2 weeks, or you can watch the entire replay on the YouTube!


Here's what we've got in this week's Town Hall...

  • Tech Roadmap

  • Rug Radio Vibes in Austin

  • New DAO Proposals

  • Shots from NYC


Tech Roadmap

As part of the 2nd long range plan that we presented in March, we presented our tech roadmap with 5 products that we plan to build throughout the rest of the year. This is a work in progress and could change over time, but the current products and platforms include…

  • Marketplace (Q2): Rug Radio branded marketplace with the features such as buying in ETH and $RUG as well as social tools

  • Learn 2 Earn (Q2): Learning Management System with curated courses for educational and entertainment content

  • DAO Management (Q2/Q3): A DAO Management platform that acts as a one stop shop for submitting proposals, discussion of proposals, and voting

  • Creator Portal (Q2/Q3): Creator Portal for all of our creators to update their information, aggregate stats, and get access to all of our tools

  • Core Content App (Q3/Q4): A platform that allows for discoverability and aggregation of ALL Rug Radio content


Rug Radio Vibes in Austin

In partnership with Metaversal, we’ll be hosting a Rug Radio holders only event during Consensus on Friday, April 28th at 8pm at The Speakeasy in Austin, TX.

There are 150 tickets available to Rug Radio holders - including holders of a membership pass, Genesis NFT, or Faces of Web3 PFP. If you’re gonna be a town, enter the raffle on Tokenproof for the opportunity to win a ticket!


New DAO Proposals

  • Expanding $RDAO claim conversion to the wider ecosystem

    • About: This proposal aims to address the issue of limited access to the $RUG to $RDAO conversion process, which currently excludes certain Rug Radio community members who cannot afford the higher-priced Genesis Rug NFTs.

    • Goal: By expanding conversion access to holders of Membership Passes and Cory Van Lew Faces of Web 3 PFP NFTs, we hope to foster a more inclusive and diverse community in the Rug Radio DAO.

  • Incentivizing Engagement and DAO Growth

    • About: This proposal seeks to allocate 180,000 $RUG tokens from the Rug DAO Treasury for acquiring 100 $RDAO tokens. These tokens will be strategically distributed among highly engaged Web 3 developers, founders, builders, and artists during the NFT Lisbon conference.

    • Goal: Stimulate the Rug Radio DAO with fresh ideas, new perspectives, and increased engagement from industry leaders and community members.

  • Enhancing Genesis NFT Utility

    • About: This proposal aims to provide additional incentives for long-term holders and collectors of Rug Radio Genesis NFTs, beyond the token yield period.

    • Goal: By rewarding complete set holders with lifetime utility and exclusive access to a dedicated Discord channel, we intend to foster a deeper collector mindset, encourage trading, and strengthen community engagement.

  • Small Grants Committee Creation

    • About: The formation of the Rug Radio Small Grants Committee provides another funding avenue for DAO participants to have their ideas funded.

    • Goal: Attract great talents and skilled builders to benefit the Rug Radio Ecosystem.


Shots from NYC


Our next Town Hall will be on Monday, May 1st at 5pm EST. Click the button below to add a reminder to Google Calendar!