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  • Rug Radio Town Hall Notes - December 30th🎙

Rug Radio Town Hall Notes - December 30th🎙

In this week's town hall, we share our highlights from 2022 and hear from a few DAO council members about our recent vote.

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  • GM GM🌞LIVE on video w/ matching Rug Radio hoodies


DAO & Governance🏛

  • As of December 28, 2022, Rug Radio is officially a foundation based in the Cayman Islands which sets the DAO up for optimal legal and tax structures

  • Voting quorum proposal passed; Shoutout to Tanja for leading the effort and making it happen

  • DAO Council Members

    • Kristina: Talked about the excitement around passing the proposal, getting so many people to show up in this market, and how this will allow us to make progress with allocating funds towards the right initiatives

    • Nifty Ape: Talked about the ability for the DAO to generate revenue and drive value back to the holders

    • Daito: Impressed to see that we had 23% of our $RDAO holders show up for the vote

    • Vick: Reiterated the relatively high participation and discussion around allowing $RDAO holders to get a free mint for the Cory Van Lew PFP


Team & Content Updates✍️

Newsletter Updates from Ryguy

  • Highlight of 2022: Joining the team in October and getting to work with such an amazing group of people & meeting everyone IRL in Miami

  • Sent out several more newsletters and DAO announcements and finding that people still enjoying to read about FTX and royalties conversations

  • Found that we have readers in ~80 different countries

  • Transitioned our newsletter provider from MailerLite to Beehiiv, so you'll notice a better design (e.g. Cory Van Lew theme coming for all of January, Miami theme, etc) as well as more features specifically with a referral rewards program

  • Working on a wiki that will have ALL of the info about Rug Radio so we can point people to one place to learn about Rug Radio

Creator & Rewards Updates from Jess

  • Working on putting together the creator tiers system (more info coming next Town Hall!)

  • Our rewards program with Xpand rolled out smoothly and we're continue to building on that over the next 6 months, such as participate to earn where you can get rewarded for listening to creators

  • Working on the Rug store that we're going to launch after the Cory Van Lew PFP drop

Production Updates from Jazz

  • Highlight of 2022: Creating a piece of content such as clips and having that retweeted by people and seeing others adopt a similar format + a shoutout from 9GAG

  • Excited to see how integrating live streaming and video will contribute to content in 2023 + our new production team who will help us level up our content

Community Updates from JC

  • Highlight of 2022: Navigating all of the challenges since Day 1 and reflecting on where Rug Radio started and where we're at today

  • Community Highlights

    • Reveal that MESH acquired 207 genesis NFTs with Joe Lubin coming onto GM WEB3

    • Cory made PFPs for Joe, Betty, and other people continuing to build the anticipation around the mint

    • Excitement around the Voting Quorum proposal passing

    • Rug Radio holders get 30% off a ticket to NFT Paris

    • Timing out Harry for a week while he was sick😂

  • Worked on

    • Setting up Restream to that we could host GM WEB3 and Town Hall's on video, in addition to audio

    • Getting Rug Radio holders allowlisted for the TABZ mint

    • Setting up a documentary crew to film Farokh in Montreal ahead of the PFP drop

Updates from Loxley

  • Highlight of 2022: Seeing the growth of both the Rug Radio ecosystem, but the individual growth of the entire team

  • Looking forward to partnerships and scalability, monetization of efforts across the ecosystem, and building out the infrastructure in a way that democratizes wealth and opportunity

Operational Updates from Harry

  • Highlight of 2022: Joining the team when Amy went on maternity leave, meeting everyone in Miami, and discovering his role within the team

  • Worked on

    • Admin, emails, meetings, payments, tools, metrics, and managing our virtual office (aka Discord)

    • Restructuring the partnerships process that will allow us to scale in 2023


Additional Updates

  • Revealed who bought 207 genesis NFTs (Consensys Mesh) with Mike Kriak helping to facilitate the purchase. They will also be very involved in Rug Radio across a variety of aspects from a hiring, governance, legal, etc

  • Hosted Joe Lubin on GM WEB3 where Cory Van Lew released an honorary PFP for him

  • Faces of Web3: On track for an early 2023 release date

    • 1,140 $RDAO holders will get a free mint with the snapshot taken on December 27 as a token of appreciation for swapping $RUG and participating in governance with the DAO council advocating for it as well