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  • Rug Radio Town Hall Notes - February 10th🎙️

Rug Radio Town Hall Notes - February 10th🎙️

In this week's Town Hall, we recap our Faces of Web3 mint and talk about what's coming after the reveal. Also, Mike Kriak makes a special appearance.

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  • GM GM🌞

  • Decrypt wrote an article about the Faces of Web3 mint

  • Rug Radio x Cory Van Lew PFP sold out!

  • Brought on Chana to lead partnerships


Here's what we've got in this week's Town Hall...

  • Rug Radio x CVL mint updates

  • Updates on creators, community, newsletter, and more

  • Special appearance from Mike Kriak, now CEO of ConsenSys Mesh


Rug Radio x CVL Mint Updates🎨

Stats (as of Feb 10)

  • Sold out 20,000 PFPs

  • 333 ETH in volume on OpenSea

  • 6,572 unique holders

  • 6.9% royalties

  • Generated $591,000+ USD in revenue; 8.8M+ $RUG token which will be split between the RugDAO and Cory (See the funds here)

The first 15,000 mints were perfect, but the second half of the mint did not go as planned as many on the allowlist did not get the opportunity to mint. If you were on the allowlist and unable to mint or want to learn more, see the resources below and know that we are working to make everyone whole. Submissions close at 11:59 ET on February 11th.

  • Read the full Post Mortem

  • If you were on the allowlist and unable to mint, fill out this form

  • If you experienced a failed transaction/burned gas, fill out this form

The PFP is also officially part of the Rug Radio rewards program so that those who hold a PFP can participate in bounties, listen-to-earn, and more coming soon!

The reveal will be on Monday, February 13th...Time TBA but it will be on a Twitter Space (the same way we did it for the Genesis NFT reveal!)


Team Updates🕺

Updates from Loxley

  • Onboarded Chana and other experts to help us build out various aspects of Rug Radio

  • Working with Tanja on communicating and growing the DAO with lots of great proposals coming through

  • The 2nd Long Range Plan will be coming soon, in addition to a full summary from the previous one coming within the next month.


Updates from JC

  • Working on literally everything related to the PFP mint from Premint, troubleshooting, tech side bugs, support, and so much more

  • The Decrypt article got a lot of attention and retweets

  • Created a new Chinese Rug Radio community space and onboarding people to manage it with 4,000+ already joined

  • Updating the website and creating the homepage graphics with Jenn and Deigo

  • Hired Linetrash to help with twitter engagement

  • Added a Rug Scanner bot in the Discord where you can see listed Genesis NFTs that have Rug tokens available to claim

Shoutout to every single community member that was helping answer questions during the mint.


Creators & Rewards Updates from Jess

  • Creating SOPs for creator assistants to help with admin tasks

  • Putting together the creator database that syncs creator and host info directly to the website

  • The retroactive creator $RUG claim went live. Dashboard isn't ready yet, but instructions are available to claim them from the contract

  • Onboarding creators across all tiers with Farokh managing Tier 5 creators and bringing in partnerships

  • Ben, Jazz, and Jess have been creating an entire education system with the tools and processes with the tools and processes


Newsletter Updates from Ryguy

  • PFP Mint: Sending out announcements, working with Loxley on the post mortem, helping out the team with Discord inquiries

  • Crossed 5,000 newsletter subscribers; Seeing higher than normal stats with 55%-60% open rates and 10%+ click-through rates

  • Improving, creating new designs w/ Jenn; Optimizing for growth via SEO enhancements and social campaigns

  • Updating our wiki which as seen ~3,500 visits since going live about a month ago; Made ~40 updates in the past 2 weeks and continue to update weekly

  • Starting to see Rug Radio blog and articles trending within Google Search; Alex put out a new guide with Coin Central that outlines everything about the Rug Radio ecosystem.

Really excited for the reveal next week and seeing the timeline and spaces full of color and dope art from Cory.


Closing Remarks🫂

It gets me stoked...You guys are thinking about how to learn, educate, engage, and create a community. That's what its all about.


If you don't own a Faces of Web3 token, go buy one and join the community.