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  • Rug Radio Town Hall Notes - January 13th🎙

Rug Radio Town Hall Notes - January 13th🎙

In this week's Town Hall, we present our latest DAO proposal as well as introduce our Listen-to-Earn rewards program and Creator Tiers system.

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  • GM GM🌞

  • Celebrated our 1 year anniversary on January 11th🥳

  • Announced mint mechanics of Rug Radio x Cory Van Lew PFP

  • Introducing our new Wiki for all the info about Rug Radio


Here's what we've got in this week's Town Hall...

  • Presenting the Prop House Proposal

  • Introducing our listen-to-earn rewards program

  • Introducing our creator tiers system


DAO & Governance🏛

  • "Adult Stuff"

    • On December 30th, the Cayman based foundation was established as we continue to strive for "Global excellence"

    • ConsenSys Mesh is going to help put together some explainers to describe the various aspects of the ecosystem and how people can participate in the governance

  • Prop House Proposal

    • The proposal was posted to Snapshot on January 12 and is live until January 20 at 7pm EST (January 21 at 1am UTC) with the full proposal viewable here.

    • Using the Nouns tech, we'll establish a prop house to encourage community participation and provide funding for community members to execute ideas

    • With dynamic quorum, quorum for this proposal can be as low as 10%, but each vote against it adds to the quorum requirement


Team & Content Updates✍️

Rewards & Creator Updates from Jess


  • Introduced our first listen-to-earn on the town hall where if you listened live, you could earn 69 $RUG tokens

  • Introduced our first bounty where all you have to do is quote retweet about the CVL mint and earn 69 $RUG

  • Before Town Hall, we were at 473 members in a month and already saw an increase in engagement on Twitter with holders getting rewarded for engaging

  • Listen-to-earn, bounties, and POAPs are coming soon to creators where anyone can earn $RUG by listening to your favorite creators and shows


  • Hosted a call with all of our creators worldwide last Saturday where everyone could come together to chat and meet each other!

  • Creator Tiers System

    • Designed to serve our creators on the level they need and want as well as communicate what our platform offers and how they can access the different benefits and support

    • With our ERC-721M smart contracts, these tiers can be directly assigned to a specific host pass


Community Updates from JC

  • Highlights

    • Sweeps across Genesis NFTs setting new all time highs and trending across various marketplaces

    • Celebrating our 1 year anniversary

    • Announcement of our PFP mint

    • Excitement with the recent founders coming on GM WEB3

    • Worked On

      • Revamping the Discord ahead of the PFP mint with new roles, commands, etc

      • Hired a new mod, Tabarnak

      • Working with Harry and Loxley on filtering and creating a structure for partnerships

      • Troubleshooting issues with the Syndicate dashboard and updating backup links

      • Posted an update where people can interact with the Syndicate dashboard through a verified contract

      • Working on a way to delegate cold wallets to hot wallets for the mint

      • Working with Melina to create informational videos

      • Issues with scam passes being airdropped into wallets...BE CAREFUL and if you're unsure, ask us in the Discord

      • Brainstorming ideas and improvements to social content with Jazz

      • Question: Will there be a way to check if a Genesis NFT has claimed it's PFP during the mint?

        • It'll be done in the same way that you can check the $RUG balance of any Genesis NFT on the Syndicate dashboard


Additional Updates💬

  • Bildr

    • We have a tech consultant coming on to help finish up the Bildr site and continue building out our tech

    • By the end of the month, our goal is to create videos to teach creators how to use the platform

  • Production

    • Hiring content editors and videographers

    • Jenn is working on designing graphics for Bildr and nyj on Instagram

Tech, especially as we're growing and the space is changing, is iterative, and we're going to take community feedback and look into different tools that we want to implement. Tech is going to be integral to the growth and distribution of not just the content, but the community.

- Loxley



Our next town hall will be January 27, 2023 at 3pm EST!