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  • Rug Radio Town Hall Notes - June 13th🎙️

Rug Radio Town Hall Notes - June 13th🎙️

In this week's Town Hall, we debut the Rug Radio Marketplace, highlight a new DAO proposal, and introduce our new media kit. Also, we recognize LineTrash on creating his 500th Rug Radio meme.

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gm fam! We’re back with Town Hall after nearly a month of traveling and events from VeeCon in Indianapolis to our tour around Europe meeting with holders and partners as well as creating TONS of content.

In less than 5 minutes, this recap will get you caught up on everything we've been up to over the past month. You can also see the entire team on the YouTube replay!


Here's what we've got in this week's Town Hall...


Rug Radio Marketplace

Introducing the 2nd product from our Tech Roadmap…The Rug Radio Marketplace powered by Snag Solutions!

The launch of our marketplace gives everyone access to a white-label marketplace to view, trade, or buy any of our NFTs with features including:

  • Support for ETH and $RUG

  • Social tools including leaderboards and profile pages

  • $RUG rewards for buyers and sellers

  • Zero marketplace fees

Check it out for yourself, make a trade, and customize your profile. If you have any questions or feedback, let us know!


DAO Council Inauguration Proposal

This latest proposal elects the newest DAO Council who will represent and serve the Rug Radio Community as ambassadors of the DAO, tasked with items such as fielding new and implementing approved proposals, as well as taking an active role in working with the community to grow the ecosystem.

Voting is open until Sunday, June 18 at 7pm ET (11pm UTC).


New Media Kit

Our new media kit serves as a powerful tool for Rug Radio and its community. With comprehensive information about the company's ethos, values, and offerings, the media kit empowers creators and potential collaborators to understand and align with Rug Radio's vision

It showcases a diverse range of content, including podcasts, live streams, and articles, providing a curated resource that strengthens our position as an influential and forward-thinking brand in the decentralized media landscape.


Meet Simms, our newest team member

Simms, who previously worked as a community manager and social media specialist for ESL Pro League, gained recognition as a game commentator, with notable contributions to the Halo series during his collaboration with Microsoft in 2014.

Now, having made the jump into Web3, Simms has found a perfect opportunity to re-immerse himself in on-camera work, production, and gaming through a variety of our shows.


LineTrash creates his 500th Meme

Linetrash, our master of memes, has created his 500th Rug Radio Meme…and he’s just getting started👀