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  • Rug Radio Town Hall Notes - November 11th🎙

Rug Radio Town Hall Notes - November 11th🎙

In this week's Town Hall, we get our first announcement surrounding Project Basel, updates our about rewards program and merch, and so much more!

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  • GM GM🌞

  • After this week, take some time for yourself and step away🫂

  • In the last 30 days…500 ETH volume, ~1200 sales, up 106%, FP .38-.42 ETH

  • Highlights & Upcoming

    • Metaversal reveal Tweet

    • A bunch of Rug Radio creators doing incredible with our Mandarin show by Daniel getting 11,000 live listeners and cross streaming with Binance

    • Alex Moskov, founder of Coin Central, has been helping us shape our partnership structure

    • Hosted the Founder of OpenSea on GM NFTs and had a discussion about the changes to the potential of enforcing creator royalties with some of the most notable founders and artists in the space which had a positive impact on reversing their decision (Skip to minute 35 of the show to hear what went down)

    • December 6th & 7th Ledger live event w/ Farokh, OSF, and Mando attending IRL

    • Sponsoring Metaverse Miami November 28th - 30th with tons of amazing speakers

    • 1st Project Basel announcement with Matt Medved, Founder of nft now

      • We’ll be hosting an event at nft now’s Gateway 2022 exhibition from 5-9pm at The Gateway as one of the sponsors with the official reveal of Project Basel from 5 - 5:45pm on the 30th and it will be FREE to everyone with tons of amazing communities and other sponsors.


DAO & Governance🏛️

  • Lots of good progress with the Legal Team and Businesses Structure with the Cayman Foundation being formalized soon

  • Lots of great conversation within the $RDAO Members chat. Jump in the Discord, verify your $RDAO tokens, and get involved!

  • RugDAO Council Proposal passed with a great turnout of voters and our council is now live

“The RugDAO is set up for us to be able to operate like a pure democracy of venture studio, incubator, or accelerator. We have a treasury that can deploy capital to help build the future whether it’s a decentralized app, infrastructure, or a company that need funding…anything that fits within the mission of what we’re trying to accomplish.”

- Loxley


Team & Content Updates✍️

Operational Updates from Amie

  • Running the latest financials for Rug Radio and we brought in $31,000 in sponsorships in the last month and we’re already at $22,000 for November

  • Bringing on two new full time team members in the next week

Rewards Program Updates from Jess

  • Wrapping up Phase 2 of the alpha testing with Twitter and Discord almost ready with the general community release very very soon

  • Creators will be able to reward their audiences as well

  • If you have questions, let Jess know in the Discord

“Decentralized marketing and rewarding people who are giving their time and attention to anything deserve to be rewarded.”

- Jess

Newsletter Updates from Ryguy

  • Highlights

    • Sent 3 newsletters; Weekly newsletter 1 & 2 and the RugDAO Announcement

    • Average Stats per email

      • 4,600 recipients

      • 2,300 opens

      • 4.5% CTOR (click-to-open rate)

      • ~200 new subscribers

    • Keeping up the chaos of the FTX/Binance story

    • Keeping up with the OpenSea royalties announcement and just seeing the community really come together for an ultimately a positive outcome

  • Worked on

    • Newsletter stats sheet

    • Working with Jenn to enhance the newsletter design

    • Working with Harry & Diego to set up the website sign up form

    • Working with Alex to find a more robust platform that meets future needs of rewards, archive, etc

    • Working with Melina on her weekly video recaps and sharing news/stories/info

Community Updates from JC

  • Highlights

    • Community excitement and praise for Ryguy about the newsletter

    • Lots of fun and excitement around Farokh’s new audio equipment

    • EMBRACECHAOS reveal and UAE Sweep

    • Community pushing the proposals and helping us meet quorum

    • New GN NFTs show with Cobie and over 3,000 people listening live on one night

    • Our show for GM NFTs had a very positive impact to reverse OpenSea’s royalties decision with a bunch of founders and artists on stage with execs from OpenSea (Skip to minute 35 of the show to hear what went down)

  • Worked on

    • Setting up Farokh’s new audio gear

    • J6C6 and getting high quality sound for gmjams sound board

    • Improving partnership apps and tracking Etherscan payments

    • Influx of scammers into the server and spending time banning them

    • Onboarding IGBread, who has been managing our Instagram, and making it official

    • Assisting advisors with legal documents

    • Calls for partnerships and collabs

    • Managing social media accounts and engaging

Content Updates from Gldncrypt0

  • Shoutout to Ryguy and his newsletter

  • Great to hear from NFT NOW partnership and seeing media companies come together

  • Capturing content from the different shows

  • Austin has gone live with a couple of episodes of One Big Idea and dropped an episode with Zeneca as well as Toby Lasso

  • Excited to get Ben working with us on clips who introduced himself as a host since August and had Betty from Deadfellaz on his show. He is also speaking with some of the projects for a 6 episode podcast series and locked down a collaboration with his show

  • Lots of new creators getting brought on and helping them get up and running



  • Merch Store will be announced soon and we’ll have Merch during our Project Basel event in MiamiYou’ll see the White hoodie that we had in NYC and it will be free for everyone who attends

  • Where is the $RUG token coming from for rewards testing?We have a lot of $RUG token from our 1000 Genesis NFT wallet + 10% extra that we’re generating on top of daily yield


Closing Words from Farokh🫂

What an insane week from a media standpoint. Having to make sure we give the right information and filter through it all while educating people who are going through this for the first time is not easy but we did it. Lots of pain, anger, and emotions in the mix as well.

I feel like we have the duty to show up and be our best during these harder times. From the craziness of the news dropping mid GM NFTs show all week to LedgerStatus and Cobie pulling up to GN NFTs, this has got to be one of the busiest and darkest times but also a time where I genuinely saw some light.

The industry got together and was trying to help one another. Whether you're on CT or NFT Twitter, we all got hit directly/indirectly, but my take away is that we will keep building and we will build better together. Shoutout to all of you.🫡

- Farokh


Interested in listening to entire Town Hall? Check out the recording on Twitter!