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Faces of Web3: Wave 2 allowlist is live!

With the success of the first wave, we've allowlisted over 75 communities for wave 2.

Rug Radio x Cory Van Lew Banner

The first wave of the Rug Radio x Cory Van Lew PFP mint ended today at 4pm EST with 14,665 PFPs minted so far. We consider this a HUGE success, but it doesn't end there...We've decided to extend the mint to other communities to onboard more people into the Rug Radio ecosystem.

We've allowlisted more than 75 communities for the 2nd wave via a randomized raffle system with 2500 spots reserved for holders of the Rug Radio membership pass alone. The allowlist is intentionally over allocated as not everyone who enters will actually mint.

Here's the key information and timelines for wave 2...

  • The mint cost will be .069 ETH (~$115 USD) with a maximum of 1 per wallet.

  • Allowlist registration is open until 7am EST on February 9th.

  • The mint will officially open at 10:30am EST on February 9th, for a period of 24 hours, until 10:30am EST on February 10th.

  • If any PFPs are left after wave 2, we will go into wave 3 and a public mint shortly afterwards.

  • The reveal is expected to happen early next week, and we'll have more information about that in our newsletter on Sunday.

To register for the allowlist, click the Register for wave 2! button below to be taken to Premint. Once you're there, select the community that you hold an NFT with and follow the steps on the page to register.



Which communities can register for wave 2?

We've allowlisted more than 75 communities. To see the full list and register for the chance to receive an allowlist spot, click the "Premint List" button below.


How will I know if I got a spot?

On the Premint registration page, you can enter your email to receive notifications. Alternatively, you'll need to revisit the page after the allowlist closes to see if you got a spot.


Where can I see more info about the mint?

All of the info about the mint, as well as official links, can be found on our wiki. Of course, you can always reach out in Discord and we'll do our best to help!