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Rug Radio Recap - June 18, 2023

Art took center stage this past week with the sale of Ringer #879 at Sothebys and the announcement of Fewos collab with Adidas.

Rug Radio Recap, powered by MetaMask Learn

gm fam! It was refreshing to see art dominate the conversation this past week with the sale of Ringer #879 (aka. The Goose) and Fewocious announce his collaboration with Adidas for The Campus 00’s, his custom designed Fewo-style sneakers. Not to mention, several high value sales among generative art collections like Fidenzas and Autoglpyhs. Let’s hope we keep seeing this excitement around digital art!


Here's what we've got in this week's recap...

  • Rug Radio updates

  • The Goose auction

  • Fewocious 🤝 Adidas

  • BlackRock files for a Bitcoin ETF

Graphic showing the holdings across Rug Radio treasury, team, and NFT wallets as of June 17

Holdings as of June 17, 2023


Rug Radio Updates


Did you claim your Stubs Mint Passes or are you holding onto a few?

This week’s featured artist is ClownVamp, who created The Men of the Dance, a part of his fake career series from the perspective of Chester Charles who was partial to his male subjects and making art in the 1930's.

He is an AI artist that was born a vampire. NY based, he has a body of work that imagines a fake retrospective of a gay artist that existed in a time when virtually zero art reflected this lifestyle.

The Men of the Dance featuring 7 men dancing in a oil painting rendition.

The Men of the Dance, ClownVamp


Rug Radio Marketplace

Earlier this week, we launched our custom marketplace, and our 2nd product as part of tech roadmap.

The launch of our marketplace gives everyone access to a white-label marketplace to view, trade, or buy any of our NFTs with features including:

  • Sell and purchase NFTs for for both ETH and $RUG

  • View leaderboards and create your own profile

  • Earn $RUG rewards

  • Trade with zero fees


DAO Council Inauguration Proposal

This latest proposal elects the newest DAO Council who will represent and serve the Rug Radio Community as ambassadors of the RugDAO, tasked with items such as fielding new and implementing approved proposals, as well as taking an active role in working with the community to grow the ecosystem.

If you’re an $RDAO holder, don’t forget to submit your vote by TODAY, June 18 at 7pm ET (11pm UTC). If you have any questions, reach out on Discord!

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Stores of the Week

The Goose Auction

Ringer #879, also known as The Goose, sold for $6.2 million USD (including fees) at the Sothebys’ Grails: Property from an Iconic Digital Art Collection Part II auction, significantly exceeding estimates as well as bringing some much needed excitement into the digital art space. The winner of the auction was prominent art collector and thought leader, Punk6529

The Ringers are a series of generative art created by Dmitri Cherniak.
The significance and admiration for the collection comes from the fact that each piece carries its own uniqueness as they were all brought to life by Dmitri’s custom made p5js script, which he worked on for years, and are immutably stored on Ethereum via Art Blocks.

The notable point about this piece in particular, is that it was originally purchased by the now bankrupt crypto exchange, Three Arrows Capital, as part of their Three Arrows’ Starry Night Capital fund which had the goal of creating a collection of the most highly desired NFTs.

The auction even inspired artists to create their own derivative artworks in their signature style, and our incredible art director, Jenn, did not disappoint with the Rug Radio version.


Fewocious 🤝 Adidas

Fewocious, a popular and and beloved artist within the NFT community, renowned for having his artwork showcased in Christie's, announced his collaboration with Adidas to launch his exclusive Fewo-style sneakers, The Campus 00s. 

The sneakers are designed in FEWOCiOUS' signature style featuring a black and white linework pattern and a bold blue and white cloud pattern lace.

Image of the Fewocious and Adidas style sneakers

adidas originals Campus 00’s, Adidas Originals/Fewocious

This is Adidas’ latest collaboration in the world of web3 fashion after launching ALTS by Adidas as part of their Into the Metaverse series, an identity based PFP collection that offers access to both digital and physical products and experiences.

Not only is it amazing to see traditional fashion brands dive deeper into the space and collaborate with a prominent artist, but every Rug Radio holder is on the allowlist for the Trefoil Mint Pass, which can be used to claim the physical shoe in August. Here’s the key things you need to know with more info on the FAQ page…

  • Starting on June 22 at 1pm ET, holders of a Membership Pass, Genesis NFT, or PFP can mint the pass for .25 ETH exclusively on OpenSea.

  • In August, holders of the mint pass can claim a physical sneaker and the mint pass will turn into the digital version of that sneaker. Shipping will start in September.

  • On June 20, you can use the checker (not live yet) to make sure your wallet address is eligible.



Blackrock’s iShares unit filed for a Bitcoin ETF, and they just might have better chance of getting SEC approval than previous attempts.

Xai, a layer 3 blockchain designed for gaming, announced that they will be launching later this year using, Arbitrum’s tech stack.

ThreadGuy, Rug Radio co-host and popular figure in the web3 community, launched his campaign to join the Apecoin council to “bring the culture back.”

Miami Mayor Francis Suarez, who is known to be crypto friendly, announced his presidential campaign.


Market Summary
Graphic showing the crypto prices and changes with Bitcoin at $26,513, Ethereum at $1,726, Solana at $15.62, and Matic at $0.61

Prices as of 8pm ET on June 17


  • NFT volumes across PFP projects continued to remain stagnant, while activity has increased slightly in generative art projects such as Fidenzas and Autoglyphs.

  • After last week’s dip on the SEC action, crypto was relatively sideways this week with the exception of a temporary dip after the FOMC.

  • In the week ahead, there isn’t a major catalyst that would cause markets to move significantly until the end of June. We’re very much in a wait and see period.


Community Spotlight

Alissa Jordan brings refreshing honesty to the web3 space as co-host of the Rug Radio show, Growth Mindset Moment, and as a speaker at IRL events. Her passion shines through in her contributions to web3 communities, her support of creators, and her dedication to family life.

Waggin Wendy sat down with Alissa to chat about her journey to becoming a Rug Radio host and her passion for promoting ethics and equity in web3.


Rug Review
Review that says: Being on the road, these recaps are fantastic! Relevant content, that is easy and quick to read in order to stay in the now with web3. Keep up the excellent work as this newsletter is a excellent component to keep the community informed.